New Searchmetrics Study Provides Financial Industry-Specific Insights on How to be Successful on Google

Jun 13, 2017

New research highlights the key industry-specific factors that are commonly found in bank, insurance and other financial services websites that rank higher in Google searches. Among the main findings:

  • having highly relevant content is even more important in financial services than in other sectors
  • top ranking financial websites use the searched keyword on their site far less than other websites that rank high
  • plustheir pages tend to be more streamlined, loading a second faster than other high-ranking pages and may even use fewer images and videos

The study also reveals that financial services web pages that rank high on Google are 70% more likely to be shared or engaged with on LinkedIn (than other content that ranks highly). But financial content is less popular on Facebook.

The insights come from Searchmetrics, a specialist in search and content optimization, which analyzed the top 20 Google search results for over 6,000 finance-related keywords (including terms such as “mortgage rates,” “Insurance,” and “foreign exchange”) to identify the most commonly occurring elements, important Ranking Factors as well as features where finance stands out.

The findings were compared with a broader Searchmetrics benchmark study that analyzed the results of 10,000 general search queries applicable across all industries. The research is summarized in the whitepaper, “Finance Ranking Factors – Data Insights for Performing on Google.”

Below are five key learnings from the Searchmetrics study that can help finance brands rank higher on Google.

  1. Content relevance is even more importantin financial services
  2. Frequentlymentioning keywords is not necessary
  3. Hold off on menus, buttons and other interactive elements on the page
  4. Keep file sizes small ? for example by using fewerimages and videos
  5. Top financial content drives more LinkedIninteractions than other topics