New Searchmetrics Solution Brings Back Keyword "Not Provided" Data

Dec 10, 2013

Searchmetrics has introduced a working search analytics solution to fill the knowledge gap created by Google's expansion of secure search which has left digital marketers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionals unable to track which keywords are driving traffic to individual web pages from organic searches. The company's new Traffic Insight feature provides an analysis of the top keywords that drive traffic to specific landing pages, including the specific traffic data for each of those keywords. 

The new Traffic Insight feature is available within the Searchmetrics Suite, digital marketing platform. To estimate the traffic that individual keywords are bringing to a URL, the software runs mathematical calculations using data from a number of sources that include a A list of the top ranking keywords for any URL; where URLs rank in searches for individual keywords; search volume data for individual keywords; data from advanced click-through modeling; and website analytics data.