New STN AnaVist A&V Software and STN Express

May 27, 2005

Chemical Abstracts Service and FIZ Karlsruhe have announced the release of new software, STN AnaVist, that is intended to give information professionals a variety of ways to analyze and view information found in scientific literature and patents.

Capabilities available in STN AnaVist, to be released this summer, were developed in response to the expressed needs of information professionals for advanced tools to help them analyze search results from scientific literature and patent databases and visualize patterns and trends in the research landscape. Now, searchers will be able to assimilate and present information more effectively to support competitive intelligence, research & development strategy, and management decision-making.

Features of STN AnaVist include: Analysis of information from three scientific resources: CAS' CAplus database of scientific literature and patent information and the USPATFULL and PCTFULL patent databases containing the full text of U.S. and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patents;An interactive workspace displaying a range of data visualizations, dynamically integrated, including cluster and contour maps, histograms, and co-occurrence matrices; Harmonization and standardization of data prior to visualization using algorithms based on intellectual data analysis; A data grouping feature that helps to minimize scattering of results by permitting editing and customizing data elements across the databases; Flexible tools for deeper analysis of data subsets; and Two options for creating results for analysis: Integrated concept search capability within STN AnaVist and Import of search results into STN AnaVist from STN Express software.

STN International is an online service for science and technology, offering a collection of more than 220 databases. The service is provided jointly through a North American service center, operated by CAS in Columbus, Ohio; a European service center, operated by FIZ Karlsruhe in Karlsruhe, Germany; and a Japanese service center, operated by the Japan Science and Technology Agency in Tokyo.

Chemical Abstracts Service has also announced the latest version of STN Express. New features in STN Express with Discover! Analysis Edition (Version 8.0) allow information professionals to present their search results in improved reports or tables while also boosting their ability to search, analyze, visualize and review the world of scientific information.

Among other features of STN Express Version 8.0, the Variable Group (R-Group) Analysis Tool has been enhanced with the ability to analyze multi-component chemical substances and improves researchers‚ ability to preview substances to ensure the inclusion of relevant structures from the CAS RegistrySM. Several other enhancements have been added for chemical structure analysis and reporting.

STN Express with Discover! Analysis Version 8.0 for Windows includes the following additional new capabilities: CAS Registry Number and Role Report Wizard, which provides an analysis of chemical substances and their corresponding CAS roles to find new areas of research; analyze Plus Wizard, which provides more analysis options and editing capabilities;more secure Internet connection with Telnet encryption option; Post-processing tools provide flexible cell formatting in tables for better client presentations; and an ability to export search results for use with the new STN AnaVist? software.