New Return Path Interface Provides Actionable Insights

Feb 01, 2018

Global email solutions provider Return Path introduced new features for its product suite: the new and completely reimagined Return Path Platform. This user interface combines Return Path’s core deliverability and reputation monitoring solutions to provide customers with a comprehensive view of their email program, along with a streamlined workflow to quickly diagnose and correct deliverability issues.

The Return Path Platform features what the company describes as a sleek, intuitive look-and-feel that puts all of the customer’s deliverability and reputation data in one place, making it easy to monitor performance at a glance. Simple navigation allows the customer to dig deeper into individual campaign metrics, providing meaningful and actionable insights to keep inbox placement high, correct issues as they occur, and prevent issues in the future.

The Return Path Platform is the result of deep collaboration with customers from ideation through launch. For more than a year, customers have been validating with their own data and providing feedback on incremental rollouts of the redesigned interface through Return Path’s unique Early Access program.

In addition, customers will find helpful resources throughout the platform, including related content and tips for solving common deliverability problems.

The Return Path Platform is now available to all direct customers and will be automatically enabled on all new accounts going forward. Additional innovations slated for 2018 include French and Portuguese translations of the interface, as well as access for Return Path’s email service provider partners.