New Research Study Finds Brand Message Dilution Costs Companies $10 Million or More Per Year

May 07, 2019


A research study authored by provider of customer insights technology, FocusVision and strategic marketing firm, InnerView Group, highlights the high cost to businesses when there is inconsistency between marketing messaging and its front-line employees. In 2018, companies were on pace to devote $207 billion to marketing and advertising in the U.S., an increase of 5.2% over 2017 (MANGA, 2018). But when the brand story is not consistent from marketing to customer-facing employees, the cost could be upwards of $10 million annually according to almost a third (28%) of marketers surveyed. A further 24% expect the penalty to be between $6-$10 million in lost revenue.

  • Crafting the Brand Story: Not all Companies Fully Leverage their Customer insight—Customer research is widely used in organizations (95%), but many companies do not fully leverage it to properly craft and execute their brand message.
  • The Brand Story is Getting Diluted Internally— Marketers lack confidence that their story can be told consistently when it leaves their office.
  • The Cost of Dilution is Huge—Nearly two-thirds of respondents estimate the value of a consistent message at $10 million or more annually.
  • Speed is a Complicating Factor—The rate of introduction of new products, services, promotions, and campaigns makes alignment even harder with more than half of companies launching new products, services, promotions on a quarterly basis.
  • Marketers Need a New Way—The way marketers are mobilizing their teams are outdated, just as their external marketing team has gotten more dynamic, their internal mechanisms need to catch up.

The 10-minute study surveyed 250 senior professionals from mid and large-sized CPG companies in marketing, customer experience or product development to understand their attitudes and company tactics on three topics: customer research, brand story/messaging and new go-to-market initiatives.

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