New Research Finds Actionable Data is Critical First Step to Winning Retail Customer Experience

Jul 06, 2017

Darius For Retail, a personalization and insights technology, released new third-party research identifying gaps in retail customer engagement that endanger business growth and success.

Darius For Retail collaborated with Sapio Research to gain insight into how U.S. retail decision makers approach customer engagement, data and in-store technologies. The data sheds light on the critical issues endangering the retail industry, including how businesses are failing to be “retail ready” for their shoppers by not strategizing beyond traditional retail holidays and store planning.

Key findings include:

  • The Data Deluge: Although 76% of retail decision makers claim to have enough actionable data, 55% are still using written, non-automated records to measure customer experience
  • Situational Engagement:While 30% of retailers struggle to maintain customer loyalty, 53% wait for customers to walk in to or check out of the store before engaging with them
  • Untapped Channels of Success: The majority of retailers engage with customers in person but only 32% tap into Wi-Fi communication, a frictionless source of insightful shopper data
  • Failure to Invest in Data: Despite 65% of retailers reporting they do not have budget limitations, 11% are not using any retail technology to gather customer data