New Reltio Cloud Release Delivers Continuous Data Organization and Self-Learning

Feb 27, 2018

Reltio, creators of the Self-Learning Data Platform, announced Reltio Cloud 2018.1, the newest version of the native cloud platform that organizes enterprise data for continuous self-learning. The release includes the next evolution of Reltio IQ (formerly Reltio Insights) which takes advantage of advanced analytics and machine learning for day-to-day operations and applications. One distinct feature of Reltio IQ is the ability to derive IQ scores or recommendations for efficient data organization (e.g. Data quality) and for business insight (e.g. Churn risk), and to embed them back into customer, account or product profiles for easy segmentation and operational execution.

Reltio Cloud 2018.1 continues to organize billions of multi-domain profiles, relationships, and interactions at petabyte-scale, and is being used for day-to-day operational activities by thousands of IT and business users globally. This release includes:

  • Analytics and Machine Learning: Reltio IQ leverages data, organized and consolidated within Reltio Cloud and the Reltio Self-Learning Graph to provide a trusted foundation of reliable data for analytics and machine learning. An on demand Apache Spark environment allows data scientists to spend their time tuning algorithms via their tools of choice, rather than aggregating and cleaning data. Reltio IQ then seamlessly synchronizes IQ attributes and recommendations back to profiles for use in operational Data-Driven Applications. IQ scores can also be benchmarked anonymously across industry segments to give companies greater insight into where they stand relative to their peers.
  • Advanced Master Data Management & Reference Data Management: Match IQ provides advanced statistics together with new Proximity, Cross-attribute, and Groups/Household rules to improve profile consolidation. Reference Data Management, included as core Reltio Cloud functionality, has a new UI for easy mapping and translation from multiple sources.
  • Increased Platform Agility & Performance: Export IQ, an ultra-fast export, now supports flexible filtering and billions of high performance API calls per day, for real-time business operations.
  • Continuous Compliance: Enhanced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance has built-in features to execute “Right to be Forgotten” requirements through audit and history of contributing source indexes, as well as deletion of data on demand.
  • Actionable Statistics & Simplified Configuration: Reltio Console supports the ongoing management and health of the Reltio Cloud environment, and the underlying data assets being organized. The Console has improved statistics, and configuration validation to proactively recommend and enforce best practices, as well as an upgrade to the Reltio UI Modeler to further customize data-driven application profile pages.