New Qualtrics iQTM Brings Predictive Intelligence and Statistical Analysis to the CX Masses

Jul 27, 2017

Qualtrics, the leader in experience management, announced its predictive intelligence and machine learning engine, Qualtrics iQ. The company, which started 15 years ago as a survey platform, has continued to evolve over time. Today it is a provider of experience management. By launching Qualtrics iQ and leveraging the power of machine learning and predictive intelligence, Qualtrics is democratizing the ability to move from data to insights.

Qualtrics iQ is like IBM’s Watson, processing massive amounts of text in seconds, performing deep statistical analysis, and making predictive recommendations. Unlike Watson, however, iQ is available to everyday CX practitioners, and does not require technical expertise.

Qualtrics iQ is made up of three core components: Stats iQTM, Text iQTM, and Driver iQTM, and has been used by over 200 clients in a pilot launch. Together, the three enable organizations to process millions of response records, including open text feedback fields, and automatically prioritizes the most impactful experience drivers by automating advanced correlation and regression analysis. Qualtrics iQ allows organizations to automatically identify trending topics, statistically validate key drivers, and identify the appropriate statistical tests and models, processing results in easy-to-understand terms.