New PubMatic Research Reveals Mobile Header Bidding Volumes Nearly Double as the Technology Extends to In-app Environments

Nov 13, 2018

PubMatic, the publisher-focused sell-side platform (SSP) for an open digital media future, released its third Quarterly Mobile Index (QMI) of 2018. The report includes key insights around the growth in mobile app advertising, highlighting trends in mobile video, header bidding, and the expansion of cross-channel monetization. The newly released findings will guide publishers and buyers toward smarter programmatic strategy and projected future mobile opportunities.

Advertisers are expected to spend more than $180 billion on mobile advertising in 2019 (eMarketer) and so it is imperative to understand where the growth is taking place to plan accordingly. PubMatic’s Q3 2018 QMI Report reveals what it say are the top three trends to watch:

  • Mobile Video Reached A Milestone- Advertiser interest is driving global mobile video ad spend growth, creating incremental revenue opportunities for publishers
  • Mobile Header Bidding Rises as Use Extends to Apps - After becoming mainstream on the web, header bidding is now making strides into app environments
  • Back-to-School Season Boosts Mobile Ad Volume in Retail - Evolving consumer behavior is extending advertising windows for the back-to-school shopping season, increasingly leveraging mobile as well

The report found that mobile header bidding volume nearly doubled with a 95% year-over-year increase in Q3 (desktop volume up 3%). Additionally, in-app parallel bidding (header bidding equivalent) continues to gain traction, reaching 14% of total mobile header bidding volume, following a fourth quarter of strong growth.

In planning for 2019, advertisers should also be aware that the back-to-school season drove triple-digit growth in retail mobile ad volume. Retail publishers saw a 142% increase in monetized mobile impression volume worldwide in Q3 2018. Moreover, retail publisher impressions monetized through apps increased 62 times year-over-year to take a 41% share of mobile volume enabled by PubMatic this year. Advertisers interested in capturing more consumers should take note of these trends when delivering relevant, timely messaging to a new generation of shoppers during peak purchasing periods throughout the year.

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