New ProQuest Service Enhances Discovery of University Multimedia Collections

Jan 08, 2014

Libraries and universities with proprietary audio and video collections can now preserve and provide access to these information resources through ProQuest Video Preservation and Discovery Service. VPDS is a full service offering that includes digital conversion, transcription, metadata creation, and optional hosting and streaming. It also creates transcriptions and indexes A/V content stored on tapes, hard drives, and other media. All formats of video - even those that are obsolete -- are eligible for the service.  

VPDS' menu of options includes digitization, hosting and streaming. For transcription ProQuest offers options for fully automated or manual correction to meet budget and time constraints. Libraries are able to pick and choose the services they need to fill gaps in current capabilities and processes.  In developing VPDS, ProQuest worked with seven academic libraries in a pilot project that successfully digitized, transcribed and indexed more than 500 items.