New Networkedplanet Solution Maps Content To Knowledge

Sep 28, 2007

NetworkedPlanet, a vendor of information management tools and products, launched its new TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0, which enables users to take all documents within SharePoint and connect them with key business concepts. This allows any business that has implemented a Microsoft SharePoint system to enhance search and navigation by taking into account contextual information, such as the user, projects they work on, and their personal skill-set. The TMCore system manages concepts instead of text indexes, which help to qualify the relevance of the documents that search terms are found in, and delivers relevant links to other SharePoint information. The TMCore SharePoint Module 2.0 is intended to allow users to search documents laterally, on the basis of themes and concepts that link them. It automatically classifies documents by content types and tags them with key themes, and then users can enhance and refine the classification of individual documents as they work with them, making their classification of documents available to other users.