New Mobile Monetization Service Debuts

Jan 16, 2014

Pytch, built upon a $40 million mobile commerce business established by ClickBank, debuted its new monetization service for app developers and advertisers. The monetization service features new ad-serving technologies that serve contextual ads in apps. Pytch also provides online businesses that advertise through the service with site and secure payment optimization tools for mobile.

Pytch was announced and previewed at ClickBank's annual event, the ClickBank Exchange, and will launch by Spring 2014. Mobile developers can install the upcoming Pytch SDK in their apps to run ads, and fill ad capacity to the max for greater monetization. Key features for mobile developers include a mobile ad network, and contextual and behavioral targeting engine.

Pytch offers advertisers of digital products a way to manage the consumer path to purchase, and grow various revenue streams including sales transactions to advertising dollars across devices through a dedicated dashboard. Key features for advertisers of digital products include a mobile commerce platform, mobile affiliated marketing, and real-time campaign analytics.