New Mandarin Portal to Include MuseSearch

Jun 24, 2003

Mandarin Library Automation, Inc. has announced its technology partnership with MuseGlobal, Inc. in developing M3 Web OPAC Deluxe, a portal product designed to complement the Mandarin M3 Library Automation software suite. M3 Web OPAC Deluxe will be built on top of the recently redesigned M3 Web OPAC (formerly Web Gateway) and will integrate the M3 Web OPAC (placing reserves, sending ILL requests, saving results to the Bookbag, placing renewals, etc.) with the search capabilities of Muse technology. Patrons will be able to conduct a search from a single search interface, simultaneously returning results not only from the local library's collection, but also from the library's subscription databases and Internet search engines. M3 Web OPAC Deluxe will allow a patron to enter a single search of all available online resources and receive an integrated results set that can be de-duplicated and sorted in a variety of ways. MuseSearch offers 24/7 automated maintenance of resource connections. WebOPAC Deluxe is planned for release this fall.