New Kindle, Nook on the Horizon?

Aug 13, 2012

There is growing speculation that Amazon is set to release the newest version of the company's popular e-reader, Kindle. According to the LA Times, the company listed a number of Kindle and Kindle-related products at deeply discounted prices on the Amazon website, such as the Kindle DX, which was listed at $110 off its regular price. 

These deeps discounts are often indicative of a new product ready to be launched and Amazon has used this practice in recent years to make room for the newest versions of its products. This possible launch would coincide with college students going back to school as well as competition with Apple's iPad. Industry watchers think the new Kindle could arrive within the week.

And in other e-reader news, accoding to Information Week, Barnes & Noble has slashed the price of the Nook as well. The site reports, "Barnes & Noble's flagship 16-GB Nook Tablet got the biggest price cut, reduced 20%. The 7-inch, full-color touch tablet has been marked down from $249 to $199. It's now the same price as Amazon's own flagship e-reader/tablet, the Kindle Fire, which only carries 8 GB of storage." Though this particular price cut doesn't seem to be causing the same speculation as the Kindle, and pundits seem to think this is more about value than moving units.