New Generation Digital and Superfast Networks use secure P2P to Stream Documentary Channel's Content to Web Subscribers.

Dec 10, 2002

New Generation Digital and SuperFast Networks have developed an arrangement to showcase their peer-to-peer streaming VOD (video on demand). The companies have developed and deployed a peer-to-peer framework delivering the download speed needed to stream high quality video. The system centers on content hashing--a method of digitally fingerprinting the content that "sniffs" several sources simultaneously. It looks as if the movie links on the site are to files on a server, but it isn't coming from servers. The links are actually hashes (mathematical symbols) that identify and supply directions on how to find the content. Hashing content enhances security as the data is encrypted. Additional security comes from the fact that there is no search capability and therefore there is no unauthorized sharing. The Documentary Channel is a digital cable channel dedicated to airing, exclusively, the works of the independent documentary filmmaker. An online demonstration is available at