New Features Come to Postano Platform

Jul 17, 2014

TigerLogic Corporation announced it has added several new creative features to Postano, its flagship social product and visual marketing platform. The Postano version 2.5 release includes advanced social filtering options, a Style Editor for custom visualizations, new dynamic data visualizations, and other platform enhancements. Postano provides a platform that allows brands to creatively work with user generated content in new ways to develop campaigns. With Postano 2.5, brands now have the ability to customize their visualizations on the fly with added intelligence for approving content.

One new feature is the Style Editor, a set of on-screen tools, which allows brands to create custom social visualizations with the ability to modify fonts, colors, and choose from a set of attractive templates. The Style Editor includes a CSS editor to give web designers control over the look and feel of their visualizations. The Style Editor also includes the ability to add images and insert sponsor content as interstitials in the display.

Another new feature is the introduction of Smart Streams, which provide multiple filtering controls for including and excluding mentions, hashtags, and other key terms. Smart Streams allow brands to tailor content to improve the process of curation and UGC selection.