New Extensis Announces Portfolio 2016

Nov 05, 2015


Extensis announced the immediate availability of Extensis Portfolio 2016, a digital asset management system designed to help companies and workgroups of all sizes efficiently manage asset creation, organization, and utilization. With  new features including version control, asset check-out and check-in, file locking and secure storage, Portfolio 2016 claims to turbo charge content development workflows while offering peace of mind that assets are protected.

Designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind, Portfolio 2016 introduces a new modular pricing structure so companies can start with the essentials, and add features and capacity as their needs grow.

Extensis automatically tracks changes and gives easy access to previous versions and originals; allows users to check out files for editing and prevent simultaneous changes; ensures compliance and prevents misuse by enabling designated assets to be locked; stores assets in a digital vault to prevent mishaps and capture snapshots for version recovery.