New Enhancements for WilsonWeb

Sep 09, 2010

H.W. Wilson is releasing a new round of enhancements for WilsonWeb. The latest improvements give users more versatile access to the platform and expand a variety of functionalities, including a variety of updates to the text-to-speech converter and several interface enhancements.

The ReadSpeaker text-to-speech converter now allows users to highlight specific portions of text for listening, and also allows them to control the speed of narration. The WilsonWeb website interface also now features the ability to translate articles into Swedish, along with existing language options such as Arabic, Chinese, and Dutch. Librarians will also gain the ability to configure whether individual accounts are available to patrons, and can include an embedded widget in search results to allow users to discuss topics related to a search subject.

Also new to the platform are a variety of enhancements to WilsonWeb's specific resources, such as bibliography links for Art-focused databases and additional journals in OmniFile and other full-text databases.