New Delivra Platform Improves Behavioral Targeting, Tracks Browse History for Advanced Segmentation

Aug 18, 2016

Email marketing software provider Delivra has unveiled the next evolution of its platform, which now boasts advanced lead alerts and browse tracking features. Digital marketing continues to move away from demographic targeting and toward behavioral targeting, which is why Delivra's latest platform allows users to utilize behavioral data like never before. New lead alerts provide real-time notifications when a drip campaign recipient takes a particular action. This gives marketers the ability to instantly notify a sales or customer service representative if an email recipient takes a specific action to indicate interest within a drip campaign. Common uses for the lead alerts feature include alerting a sales representative when a contact wants to schedule an appointment or browses a specific web page.

Delivra says it has also enhanced the Google Analytics Integration for its Commerce software to allow clients to view and segment off a subscriber's captures browse history. Users can target relevant messages based on a recipient's browsing history when they click through to a site from an email. These emails can increase engagement from subscribers and improve ROI by offering a more personal experience.

Additional platform enhancements include:

  • A new flag event option to automatically include or exclude contacts in the next step of a drip campaign
  • Ability to view purchase data from shopping carts after sending out a split test to see which mailing was resulted in the most purchases
  • A new SMS link tracking capability, allowing users to understand which calls to action work best based on who clicks through embedded links
  • A new Wait for Event feature that allows users to wait indefinitely for a recipient to take a certain action before proceeding to the next step in the drip campaign
  • An improved Drag and Drop Editor interface that makes email building even easier