New Delivra Platform Enables Advanced Event Marketing and Campaign Reporting Capabilities

Nov 18, 2016

Email marketing software provider Delivra has unveiled the next step in its platform, which provides users expanded Eventbrite integration, advanced reporting, and more powerful marketing automation. With so many companies utilizing Eventbrite to manage events, Delivra has enhanced its existing integration with the event management software to include the tools necessary to send personalized and compelling event communications.

In addition to contact syncing from Eventbrite to Delivra, the platform’s integration allows for powerful segmentation of numerous data fields to execute automated pre- and post-event campaigns. The improved integration also enables the sending of targeted event messages based on past registrations, the collection of improved contact data that is mapped into Delivra and more.  

While measuring the performance of email marketing is always critical, visual measurement is equally as important as the numeric metrics. Delivra’s newly designed Clickthrough Heatmap provides tracking visuals for all mailing types, allowing users to see exactly what content item is being interacted with the most. The Clickthrough Heatmap is available for regular, split test, automated, and triggered mailings.   

Additionally, Delivra has made improvements to its SMS reporting. The streamlined report now mimics a standard mailing overview report with total and unique clicks added to gauge the effectiveness of SMS messaging. Users can also search SMS reports by keyword to assist in identifying the performance of a specific group.