Netsertive Launches Scalable Brand-to-Local YouTube Advertising Solution

Mar 01, 2018

Netsertive, a marketing technology company that enables brands, publishers, and local businesses to execute multi-channel, localized marketing at scale, announced the launch of a scalable and localized solution for digital marketing on YouTube.

As traditional TV viewership shifts to online channels such as YouTube, advertisers have been keen to shift their ad budgets accordingly. 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. However, brands have not been able to target their advertisements on YouTube without creating a unique campaign for each of their thousands of markets.

Netsertive’s solution for YouTube includes both front-end creation and localization, as well as back-end execution and management, for hundreds or thousands of simultaneous digital video campaigns. Centralized management also allows for rapid changes to creative assets, a critical feature for scaled localization.

This offering is a result of Netsertive’s longstanding technology partnership with Google and YouTube. It was unveiled in early February, when Netsertive and YouTube jointly hosted an event with three-dozen brand marketers from the Furniture, Appliance, Automotive, and Consumer Technology sectors at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA. This breakthrough, enabled in part by Netsertive’s 2017 acquisition of Mixpo, increases scale by orders of magnitude and represents the latest development in Netsertive’s nine-year history of leadership in scalable digital marketing for brands and their local locations.