Netcentric Launches Self-Installable Web CMS

Jan 31, 2003

Netcentric (Europe) Ltd, a Web content and information management provider, has released the Lychee Express Web CMS. Lychee Express is designed to reduce the cost and complexity of installation by developing an integral database and installer. Lychee Express will contain many of the features found in its sister products--Lychee Professional and Lychee Enterprise Edition--such as J2EE Core Technology, XML repository, platform independent, in-house template construction, automatic versioning, roll back/roll forward, interface in five languages, multi-level permission system, egif and Metadata compliant, Windows based interface, secure login, auditing, QA approvals workflow, server admin tools, automatic link checking, and search & replace system. Lychee Express is designed for single users, small groups, and webmasters who need to be able to add and edit content on their Web sites. All Lychee CMS are designed to provide non-technical content owners the ability to build, manage and edit any multimedia content on their Web site(s). Lychee Express is currently available for evaluation and purchase.