NetXposure Announces Worldwide OEM Agreement With Adobe; Releases Image Portal 2.0

Apr 01, 2003


NetXposure, Inc., provider of focused Web applications, has extended their relationship with Adobe Systems Incorporated by completing a worldwide OEM agreement for Adobe Graphics Server and will simultaneously release Image Portal 2.0. NetXposure's Image Portal 2.0 is a customized Web application that is designed to leverage Adobe Graphics Server software to provide businesses with the capabilities of an enterprise digital asset management system at an affordable price point. In addition to streamlining the workflow process, Image Portal 2.0 provides a suite of image processing tools for manipulating a single image or an entire batch. Once images are processed, files may be distributed in a variety of formats such as JPEG, PSD, and TIFF. Image Portal 2.0 provides a layer of management, control, and access functionality to an image repository. Image Portal supports XMP, EXIF, and IPTC image metadata that can be searched, viewed, and edited with the same interface that is used to browse, process, and download images. Individual image control allows administrators to customize fields for expanded flexibility and tailor access to individuals or groups with a tiered structure. NetXposure's Image Portal 2.0 is available now in English and Japanese versions for both Microsoft Windows and Sun Microsystems Solaris with a base price of $24,995 (US) including a license for Adobe Graphics Server 2.0.