NetXposure Announces Image Portal X For Mac Os X

Aug 01, 2003

NetXposure, Inc., a provider of focused Web applications, has announced the release of Image Portal X for Mac OS X. Image Portal X is a digital asset management application designed to simplify the administration and manipulation of complex image libraries through a Web browser. Built on NetXposure's Exogen Application Framework, Image Portal X provides a central repository for collecting, storing, managing, processing, and distributing image assets. Access to these features is enabled through an interface from a Web-based application. Image Portal X enables users to centralize their library of images in a single catalog and gives users the ability to assign and manage metadata, such as photographer, copyright, date, and associated keywords, making it easier to conduct searches and track images. In addition, Image Portal X includes advanced image editing and manipulation, including dynamic generation of image formats for print and the Web, such as PSD, TIFF, and JPG.