NetSeer Introduces In-Video Monetization Solution for Publishers

Jul 12, 2016

NetSeer, a provider of visual monetization solutions for publishers and advertisers, announced the introduction of their In-Video Image Overlay + Display ad solution for publishers to drive complementary and incremental video advertising revenue. This new non-linear ad monetization product says it gives publishers all the advantages of overlay ads combined with the ability to be used with publisher-owned video content located anywhere on the internet.

According to NetSeer, In-Video Overlay ads contribute to a reduced bounce rate by enhancing user experience through reduced ad load times and elimination of the lengthy pre-roll gate-keeping effect that prevents as much as 60% of users from accessing content. Advertisers benefit from the high viewability while allowing publishers to command premium RPMs. In addition, accurate targeting of contextually relevant content ensures a marketer's message won't alienate consumers and will always appear within brand safe content.

In-Video Overlay Ads are joining NetSeer's new linear display ads and in-content units as part of the visual monetization product line. The platform enables advertisers to target and buy premium In-Image advertising content while providing new monetization opportunities for publishers to benefit by better utilizing the visual content on their websites.