NetPlay Releases Instant Demo 8.0

Jan 25, 2011

Australia-based NetPlay Software's Instant Demo Studio 8.0 is a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations, and training. Version 8.0 features EventLine Studio Editor, which allows for easier maintenance of multiple presentations.

Instant Demo Studio creates screencasts in Adobe Flash format and supports callout text, hot spots, voice narration, and background sound. Interactive hot spots allow the viewer to control the pace of the presentation.

EventLine editing allows users to manage several presentations within a single workspace, making cutting, copying, and pasting between projects convenient. Exporting to Flash or AVI can be done from any event line. And the editor can be customized for clip size and color, depending on the author's choice.

Instant Demo Studio 8.0 runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7.