Chooses PaymentOne

Aug 08, 2003

PaymentOne, a provider of payment solutions and strategies for the Internet, has announced that, a singles online dating service, is now offering PaymentOne's PhoneBill payment option in an effort to drive new customer acquisition. PaymentOne's PhoneBill solution is designed to allow NetLoveMatch customers to subscribe to its services more easily and quickly without exposing their credit cards to possible online theft. PhoneBill now allows NetLoveMatch customers to bill services directly to their local telephone bill.

PaymentOne is designed to be a single vendor solution and offers a number of payment platforms including account provisioning, rating, billing, collections, taxing, customizable invoicing, remittance processing, inquiry, cash management, reporting, and customer care. PaymentOne's PayConnect is an open system that acts as a gateway to PaymentOne's suite of payment platforms--PhoneBill, DirectPay, CreditCard, ACH, WebBill, Pre-Paid-- and validation services. One integration provides access to validation services for PhoneBill, DirectPay, WebBill, CreditCard, ACH, and Pre-Paid.

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