Ness Computing Releases Personal Search Engine App

Aug 30, 2011

Ness Computing debuted its personal search engine app in Apple's App Store as a featured app. The free app, called Ness, tailors search results specifically to each user, learning a person's preferences over time and considering friend's recommendations when providing search results. It is driven by Ness' Likeness Engine, which employs machine learning (including collaborative filtering), social graph data mining, and natural language processing to determine personal preference. Next, it collects any recommendations from friends on third-party sites like Facebook and Foursquare. Ness computes a Likeness Score of 0-100% that predicts how much the person will enjoy each result.

Ness is part of a new category of search engines, which are designed to use mobile and social data to create personally relevant and individually targeted search results. The first search category Ness supports is restaurants. In the future, Ness plans to extend its offering to other lifestyle categories, including music, shopping, nightlife, and entertainment, all within the same app.