Neoteris Unveils Instant Virtual Extranet

Jul 15, 2003


Neoteris, an Application Security Gateway vendor, has announced a targeted initiative to assist universities and colleges, school systems, and K-12 districts with their secure access needs. The Neoteris Access Series Instant Virtual Extranet (IVE) products are designed to facilitate the secure exchange of information among instructors, students, administrators, and parents, as well as other schools, over an encrypted Internet session. Neoteris has also announced that Somerset Area School District (SASD) has deployed secure access through a Neoteris IVE to teachers and administrators within the district serving more than 2,800 students. The Neoteris IVE platform enables instructors to perform tasks remotely such as entering grades from home, accessing curricula and research materials, and collaborating with other instructors, parents, and students. With authorized access, students can review school information, homework assignments, relevant research, or check news and event calendars, while parents can monitor student progress and get a better sense of what their children are learning. The IVE also assists administrators by making forms, course, and student information available online, reducing paperwork while increasing efficiency. Additionally, the Neoteris IVE facilitates schools' ability to securely track and store information in computer-based systems. The Access Series is available to qualified educational institutions at a significant discount.