Neoteris Targets Secure Access Needs of State and Local Governments; IVEs Provide Solution for eGovernment Compliance

Oct 22, 2002

Neoteris, a provider of instant virtual extranet (IVE) products, has announced a targeted development and marketing initiative to assist state and local governments with their secure access needs. Through this effort, Neoteris aims to help governments increase operational efficiency as well as aid in compliance with federal and state information security statues and eGovernment initiatives. As the public demand for secure access increases, Neoteris' IVE products are intended to offer an alternative to expensive and complex virtual private networks (VPNs) and custom extranets. With Neoteris products, authorized users can securely access applications and information remotely from any Internet-enabled computing device with a Web browser. In the case of government, authorized users can include government employees, contractors, private citizens, or other government agencies. Because Neoteris grants access at the application layer, rather than the network layer, network resources are not vulnerable to traditional network attacks. The Neoteris IVE also supports granular access controls to the URL or file level, so only those with a legitimate authorized need to access resources can do so. Neoteris' IVE products allow government IT officials to cost-effectively provision instant, secure access to specified network applications and private information. The Neoteris products reduce the cost, complexity, and security risks associated with traditional access technologies such as VPNs and custom extranets. The IVE requires neither client device software deployments, nor changes to existing LAN infrastructure, thus reducing deployment.