Neoteris Releases Version 3.0 of its Instant Virtual Extranets

Nov 12, 2002

Neoteris, Inc., a provider of instant virtual extranet (IVE) products, has announced the Version 3.0 release of its IVE product platform and three new product lines. This release is designed to provide an even greater range of enterprise-class scalability, availability, and security for enterprise customers seeking to extend secure access to network resources. Higher levels of redundancy and scalability with clustering capabilities are intended to provide greater aggregate system throughput and stateful failover. The new release offers enhanced management administration capabilities, greater interoperability with enterprise technology products, and support for double byte content.

The new Neoteris Access product family includes the Neoteris Access 5000 Series, which addresses secure enterprise access and authorization needs, as well as enhanced application and network delivery. The Neoteris Access 5000 Series features group-based policies for differentiated groups of employees and partners. The Neoteris Access 3000 Series is intended to offer enterprise-class secure access and authorization, cost-effectively delivering controlled access for differentiated groups of employees and partners. The Neoteris Access 1000 Series is designed to be a cost-effective solution for mid-sized deployments enabling secure employee access, while enhancing productivity and flexibility through broad application access from anywhere. Neoteris will continue to support customers using its EmployeeAccess and PartnerAccess products with the IVE 3.0 platform. Customers can also participate in the Neoteris Technology Migration Program. Sold through channel partners, the new product lines start at $9,995, and will be generally available at the end of November 2002.