Nelson Current Publishing Launches Author Podcasts

Feb 03, 2006

Nelson Current, a publisher of social and political books, has launched "," a Web site offering free author interviews available for podcast. Podcasts are radio-style shows delivered over the internet to a personal computer, produced both by major media and passionate individuals.

The site, which is owned and managed by Nelson Current, will include interviews from every author discussing their latest books. Authors on Nelson Current include New York Times author and radio talk show host, Michael Savage, former Secretary of Education and radio talk show host Dr. Bill Bennett, Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, Instapundit blogger Glenn Reynolds, Dave Holloway (father of missing teen Natalie Holloway), and more.

The material on "CurrentSpeak" will also be available on podcast directories on the internet including iTunes,,, and The first podcasts are now available at the Web site.