Nearly 70% of U.S. Content Marketers Are Using Only English-Language Content

Dec 09, 2014

Smartling announced the results of a new survey that polled 160 U.S.-based, senior-level content marketers working for emerging brands to determine how they are marketing to multilingual audiences around the world. Nearly 63% of respondents acknowledge that between six and 50% of their customer base is located outside the U.S. Yet, survey data shows that translation budgets are nonexistent, forcing marketers to reach multilingual audiences using only English-language content.  

According to the study, 65% of respondents admit that less than five percent of their budget - if anything - is dedicated to reaching non-English-speaking customers in and outside the U.S. Nearly 70% percent of respondents reveal that their companies market to other countries using only English-language content. Additionally, 49% of respondents admit they never translate English-language marketing content into Spanish. Only 10% percent say they frequently translate marketing content into Spanish, and 41% say they sometimes do, when time and budget allow.