Near-Time Launches Version 2.0 of Collaboration Tool

Jun 23, 2006

Near-Time, Inc. has announced that the company is commercially launching its hosted collaboration service of the same name following a beta period. Near-Time integrates Weblogs, Wikis, calendars, and shared files in a private and secure collaborative environment.

Near-Time enables organizations to create private collaborative communities. Near-Time spaces can include internal and external members, enabling users to create intranets and extranets on demand. Users may create as many collaborative communities as they would like with no limit on numbers of members. Users can also publish part or all of their Near-Time content publicly on the internet. Near-Time's use of web standards is designed to ensure interoperability with existing collaborative tools and internet resources. Standards also mean that Near-Time users can share and integrate diverse content, including application files, rich media and email, along with links to web resources. Email notifications and RSS feeds give teams a way to stay in synch on recent developments. Supported standards include XML, HTML, RSS, Atom, Weblog API's and email protocols.

By integrating Weblogs and Wikis, Near-Time enables groups to create a knowledge repository as they collaborate. Near-Time Wiki pages include version history, designed for users to keep up with group iterations. Institutional memory is designed to help groups build upon experience and bring new members up-to-speed. Near-Time's WYSIWYG authoring environment gives groups a word-processing like authoring experience.