Near-Time Launches Blog and Wiki Business Engine

Feb 02, 2007

Near-Time, Inc. has launched a paid membership service, Near-Time Premium. Near-Time Premium is a hosted service designed to enable users to create revenue opportunities with customers and business partners. It offers an alternative to ad supported web content, giving organizations a way to package and sell expertise and content via paid access to online collaborative spaces. With the paid membership feature, Near-Time Premium is a platform where publishers, authors, and service organizations can set up a weblog or Wiki, publish their content, share files, interact with clients and readers, and charge subscription fees. Users can decide what they want to charge for subscription plans.

Near-Time Premium is a hosted platform that provides tools to launch commercial publishing and collaborative marketplaces. With integrated wiki and weblog authoring tools, and file sharing and task management capabilities, groups can foster rich environments for commercial interaction. The platform offers tools to support and build customers' brands via tools for customizing the look and feel of collaborative spaces as well as domain name mapping. As a hosted platform, no hardware is required and ecommerce services are built-in and turnkey. Near-Time Premium spaces can be private, semi-private, or public.

Users can decide which content to monetize, and which to make publicly available. Roles and permissions services are designed to enable users to set different levels of interactive relationships at different price points. Near-Time spaces can be configured to offer members complete interaction, limited authoring and editing capabilities, or to allow members to read and comment on content. Users can create as many premium spaces as they would like--each with different interaction and economic models. Near-Time is available as a preview application.