Near-Time Group Organization Includes Task Management

Jan 30, 2007

Near-Time, Inc. has announced that its hosted collaboration platform has been upgraded to include task management. The feature is designed to allow users to assign tasks around the content contained in Near-Time spaces. Integrated task management along with existing Near-Time features can give departmental workgroups and teams spanning geographies and organizations ways to literally get on the same page with tasks, schedules, and content. Task management capabilities are integrated with Near-Time's wikis, weblogs, and file sharing services. Users can organize tasks by milestone or project. A dashboard view offers a consolidated, color-coded view giving users access to tasks and coordinate activities by deadlines and priorities. Users can subscribe to RSS feeds to stay up-to-date on their projects.

The addition of task management makes Near-Time a tool for those seeking to organize and delegate tasks within groups, enterprise teams, and communities. Groups can begin to collaborate, delegate, and organize different projects immediately. As a hosted service, Near-Time task management brings dispersed workers, and teams spanning organizations together, designed for users to coordinate activities with customers, prospects, suppliers, dealers, authors, and publishers beyond the firewall. Near-Time's roles and permissions controls are designed to give groups added flexibility in managing projects. Task management is available for Power and Premium plans only. Near-Time Power and Premium plans cost $699.95 and $1,999.95, respectively. Each plan enables users to create as many collaborative spaces and invite as many members as they would like. Sixty day free trials of the Near-Time Premium plan are available at the Near-Time website.