Navio Announces Customer Wins

Nov 11, 2003

Navio, Inc., a digital commerce service provider, has announced two European customer wins: Buongiorno Vitaminic SpA and TDK Systems Europe. Navio will provide Buongiorno with a content syndication platform to enable new distribution points for their content, as well as enabling super-distribution for end-consumers of that content. Navio will build and manage TDK Systems' mobile content portal with complete transactional and super-distribution capabilities, for turning buyers into sellers.

Buongiorno Vitaminic SpA, is a distributor of multimedia content in Europe. The company has contracted Navio to build a content syndication service, effectively making Buongiorno's content instantly available to any potential distributor. Buongiorno's distributors, including Buongiorno's own direct to consumer services with millions of customers, will also take advantage of Navio's transactional capabilities for the selling and managing of digital content. Particularly compelling to Buongiorno was Navio's referral and rewards capability to build a super-distribution model to sell content among and beyond its existing customer base.


TDK Systems, a division of TDK Corporation, designs new products for users of digital content who operate in both wired and wireless environments.  The company recently announced fone styla--a content-oriented mobile-phone companion product. TDK Systems will use Navio to offer end-users a static content portfolio with a digital locker to access content no matter how they are connected to the Web. Working with a broad range of content, including ring tones, games, iconic logos and video, Navio and TDK Systems will offer developers a federated marketplace to sell any type of digital content on any device. The fone styla kit includes a plug-in Bluetooth USB adaptor for the PC, software, and color images on CD media.

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