National Library of Israel Adds Records to OCLC WorldCat

Dec 16, 2008

The National Library of Israel and OCLC, a nonprofit library service and research organization, have completed a pilot project that has resulted in the addition of more than 788,000 new bibliographic records and 1.1 million holdings from the national library to WorldCat. These records from the National Library of Israel are now visible to Web searchers through The National Library of Israel, formerly known as the Jewish National and University Library, worked with OCLC in the pilot project to explore and resolve issues in adding records containing only non-Latin script data to WorldCat. Most of the new records added to WorldCat represent materials in Hebrew script, but significant numbers of records represent Arabic-script and Cyrillic-script publications. The National Library of Israel will continue to add records to WorldCat as new materials are cataloged.