National Geographic and NewsGator Partner

Aug 22, 2008

NewsGator Technologies, Inc. announced that it has partnered with National Geographic, the multimedia division of National Geographic Ventures, to create, host, and track a series of dynamic widgets, including an interactive puzzle widget that transforms photographs into a digital jigsaw puzzle that users assemble. The campaign adds a new dimension of distribution, allowing third parties to co-brand the widget and feature it on their own sites. NewsGator-hosted National Geographic widgets include OurShot, a widget in which photo editors highlight recent exceptional work, and YourShot, through which end users can contribute photos in the hopes of being featured in the magazine. The YourShot widget features finalists each day in the form of a puzzle, which can then be co-branded by third parties and featured on their sites at no charge. Interested third parties are able to add the puzzle widget by using a single URL to submit their logo and RSS feed information.