National Geographic Channel Adopts WebWare ActiveMedia

May 30, 2003

WebWare Corporation, an enterprise media asset management software company, has announced that National Geographic Channels International (NGCI), a business enterprise of National Geographic Television & Film, FOX Entertainment Group, and National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), has adopted WebWare ActiveMedia digital asset management software in an effort to aid the global sales, marketing, and syndication efforts of its television assets. ActiveMedia, a Web services-based digital asset management system, will help NGCI deliver materials to its 29 international offices. NGCI reaches over 160 million households in 144 countries and in 25 languages. ActiveMedia allows National Geographic to upload promotional and programming content, such as stills, video, and scripts, into a secure, central repository., Access and usage rights are controlled by NGCI headquarters in Washington DC. Other third parties worldwide such as post-production facilities and dubbing houses are given access to the repository where they can download scripts for translation.

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