NYC Launches Subway Ebook Promotion with Penguin Random House

Aug 30, 2016

The New York City Subway has been upgrading its WiFi access, and to celebrate the fact that 175 of its 278 stations now have WiFi Governo Andrew W. Cuomo announced the "Subway Reads" program, according to Digital Book World. The program will give commuters free access to five e-shorts, and samples of full-length books from Penguin Random House.

The program is set to last for eight weeks, and commuters using the free Transit Wireless WiFi will be able to access PRH's offerings. DBW also reported a convenient feature for time-sensetive commuters: "PRH has also created a feature for the book excerpts called "read time" that enables commuters to sort the short stories and samples by the amount of time it would take the average reader to complete them. A commuter who therefore expects to spend half an hour on the train, for example, could click "30 minutes" on the PRH page and be given a list of stories or samples that would take that long to read."