NXTbook Media Launches NXTbook 2.0

Apr 29, 2005

NXTbook Media (NBM), a provider of developing technology-based solutions for digital magazines, has introduced the NeXT generation of the NXTbook publishing platform, the NXTbook 2.0. The platform includes a new interface, faster page loading, enhanced searching capabilities, digital rights management and the ability to store text data in XML repositories. Designed in response to feedback and requests from both publishers and end-users (readers), the NXTbook 2.0 version features increased functionality and a new graphical user interface (GUI) that includes a new "e-reader" in the tool bar. It also maintains all of the Web-based features of the original NXTbook FX used to publish magazines, catalogs, brochure-ware, or other print products in a page-flipping digital format.

The NXTbook 2.0 is accessed through a standard browser and is designed to load the pages up to 50% faster than the current NXTbook technology. The new release also offers the option for publishers who want to protect their content with an integrated digital rights management system. Furthermore, NXTbook 2.0 allows publishers to turn their PDF files into XML data so they can publish not only NXTbooks but Web pages for their sites and create RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds for their constituents. The NXTbook 2.0 will also come with enhanced search features, such as the ability to retrieve information in the current issue or in back issues stored in an archive. The NXTbook 2.0 is expected to be available for all clients as of June 15, 2005.