NXTbook Media Adds to Product Line

Jun 25, 2004

NXTbook Media, a technology-based company that provides multimedia digital publishing solutions, has introduced NXTbook FX, the second generation of its publishing platform. Designed in response to feedback and requests from both customers and end-users, the NXTbook FX version features increased functionality and a new graphical user interface (GUI). Based on XML and rich media, the NXTbook FX is designed to bring a richer look and feel to the ereading experience. It also maintains all of the Web-based advantages of the original NXTbook used to publish magazines, catalogs, brochure-ware, or any other print products in a digital format.

The new FX addition to the NXTbook product line is intended to reproduce the experience of reading a print publication, allowing publishers to present information as a double-page or single page-oriented document optimized for reading on a computer screen. New product enhancements include multiple zoom levels, thumbnail previews, book marking of pages, and an accessible table of contents. In addition to these new features, full text search, printing of the entire publication, and saving and email forwarding are present. The new format now provides integration into the production cycle for creating a digital edition of the hardcopy content. FX is compliant with BPA and ABC regulations for circulation of magazines and newsletters.