NFAIS Releases Guiding Principles

Oct 10, 2003

NFAIS, a membership association for organizations that aggregate, organize, and facilitate access to information, has released a set of Guiding Principles with regard to reference linking, and is encouraging all those involved in any aspect of information creation and/or distribution to provide for such a capability in their products and services. NFAIS established a Linking Committee several years ago to determine the interest of members and their customers in promoting information linking as an industry norm.  Interest proved to be high and resulted in the creation of the Guiding Principles. NFAIS Board of Directors was unanimous in its acceptance of the Guiding Principles and individual member endorsement is reportedly positive. NFAIS will continue to promote reference linking through other activities, and encourages anyone who has an interest to become actively involved in the NFAIS Information Linking Committee. For more information, read the full text of the NFAIS Guiding Principles: Reference Linking available on the NFAIS Web Site.