NETIA Enhances Radio-Assist and Manreo Asset Management Software

Jul 17, 2007


NETIA has announced enhancements to its Radio--Assist 7.5 range of digital audio software programs and Manreo asset management software range with added functionality designed to enable broadcasters to converge their workflows in a software suite.

NETIA has integrated its U-Share network management system into Radio-Assist 7.5 designed to simplify the distribution of audio content from one site to multiple destination sites. U-Share is designed to automate the exchange of content over the latest transmission platforms--IP transport or DVB video transport--for management of content distribution. Content exchanges can be organized according to priority with options for setting and modifying transmission schedules. U-Share is designed to exchange video and audio content through autonomous and automatic management of its transport network. Axia Integration Radio-Assist 7.5 is now available bundled with customized Axia IP--Audio networking components that are intended to allow audio workstation PC running Windows to send studio--grade audio directly to an Axia audio network from its network interface card. NETIA's Feed-In is designed for day-to-day scheduling of all automatic recordings of external programs. At IBC2007, NETIA will introduce its new IP version of the software solution which allows Radio-Assist users to record continuous RTP inputs or scheduled programs without the need for a sound card. Feed-in IP mode offers eight inputs which can be simultaneously recorded per computer. The Radio--Assist 7.5 range of digital audio software programs covers each part of the production and broadcast workflow, allowing users to record, edit, or prepare a playlist. Radio--Assist features tools for acquisition, sound-file editing, commercial and music production, newsroom systems, scheduling, multicasting, administration, and more. Its modular structure is designed to adapt to the different requirements of radio facilities and integrate into an existing environment. Equipped with new features that further enrich production and playout processes, Radio-Assist 7.5 is designed with a one-stop solution that enables even more flexible handling of media.

NETIA has announced its Warehouse Web Version 2.0 audio and video broadcast and display platform that can provide new services and revenue opportunities for Manreo users. This full-featured software solution is designed with a system for centralizing, sharing, and viewing audio, image, and video archives, and broadcasting them across multiple distribution channels (Web portals, mobile devices, ADSL, etc.). Because Warehouse Web 2.0 has been developed using the REST (Representational State Transfer) architecture and includes XML Web Services, it now offers up to four interfaces. Warehouse Web's Catalog Interface is designed with a global view on all files and metadata, along with more powerful searches. The Terminology Interface manages the Thesaurus and allows users to add, delete, and modify words and interaction between words. The Media Interface has been designed to manage the storage of both audio and video files. The new video recorder module within the Manreo suite is designed to acquire and digitize videos from tape. With functionality including start, stop, forward, rewind, etc., Manreo Video Recorder controls the VTR and launches the acquisition and digitization (MPEG-2 with MainConcept) process.

NETIA’s Media Logging range at IBC is designed to meet increased worldwide demand for radio and TV monitoring systems by carrying out the capture, indexing, transcoding, and distribution of audio and video content. Each file is can be examined individually, segmented, and completed with the necessary associated metadata--in an automatic or semi-automatic mode--designed through the use of new speech-to-text and image recognition techniques.