NBC News Signs Teletrax Monitoring Deal

Jan 24, 2003

NBC News Channel has announced a long-term agreement with London-based Teletrax to digitally watermark its news video in order to track usage of its content by local television stations and other clients. Teletrax enables media companies to digitally watermark video footage to monitor where and when it is broadcast. Teletrax's broadcast monitoring solution is based on the Philips Watercast video watermarking system, which is supported by a license to intellectual property from Digimarc Corp. Under terms of the agreement, Teletrax will provide NBC News Channel with monitoring of more than 100 stations in 85 key markets across the United States to provide detailed tracking and analysis. NBC News Channel will also use Teletrax to track usage of its material in Europe.

(http://www.nbc.com/nbc/NBC_News), (http://www.teletrax.tv)