MyPublicInfo Launches Identity Theft Protection Tool

Jul 12, 2005

MyPublicInfo, a provider of information regarding the protection and prevention of identity theft, has announced that its new identity theft protection tool, the Public Information Profile (PIP), is available for immediate download. The service is designed to help consumers in two main areas--allowing them to view public records that are connected to their name and what information is accessible to others when performing a broad background check. The PIP also allows consumers to spot possible cases of identity theft, including impersonation of identity to buy or rent a house, receive a business license, or other illegal activity. MyPublicInfo provides consumers with their own personal profile of aggregated public information in a legally conforming manner. According to MyPublicInfo, this information is very difficult for individual consumers to obtain, as they would need to compile data from more than 5,000 sources. MyPublicInfo has created a toolset for helping consumers "manage" their identity.

Records that MPI provides to its clients include: records from top tier data providers; Federal, State, and County official government records; financial records, including bankruptcies, liens, and judgments; property ownership records, including past transactions; government-issued licenses; law enforcement records, including felony and misdemeanor convictions, attachments, and seizures; and records detailing the financial relationship between an individual and other entities. MyPublicInfo has developed an infrastructure designed to ensure the confidentiality of the records it provides. Highly sensitive PIP reports can only be accessed if the client can prove his or her identity by passing a test. An extensive FAQ advises clients what to do in case of fraud or false information in the report. The MyPublicInfo service costs $79.95.