MyLifeBrand Opens its Platform to Niche Social Networks

Jul 17, 2007

MyLifeBrand, a new social platform which allows users to aggregate and manage their favorite social networks, communities and friends, has announced today that they have allowed several niche social networks to integrate in to their social platform. These networks include Angling Masters, Navy Seals, Respectance, and Drunk Duck. MyLifeBrand has been designed to allow niche networks to integrate their entire existing social network website, members, and log-in credentials into MyLifeBrand.

MyLifeBrand is currently offering this through its integration API for select community partners. Each of the first niche networks to participate with MyLifeBrand already have existing community websites with member bases. By enabling these niche networks on the MyLifeBrand platform, the companies hope to grow their member base. Users are able to navigate that community’s site within MyLifeBrand, and they have a single log.