MyLifeBrand Offers Aggregation of Communities, Services, and Friends

Jun 08, 2007

MyLifeBrand, designed to enable a user’s life online via an online communities platform, has launched a service that lets users choose their social networks or services and navigate among them. MyLifeBrand is designed to enable users to import multiple networks and their related friends into a browser-like site that wraps communities and services of choice into one social experience. MyLifeBrand enables users to manage and message their friends and contacts across all major networks. Networks will include Friendster, LinkedIn, Bebo, Facebook, H15, Orkut, MySpace, and TagWorld among others. MyLifeBrand is adding dozens of niche social networks with millions of members to its platform over the next several months, including enthusiast networks such as Angling Masters, Navy Seals, Platinum Studio’s Drunk Duck site, and others.

Users can access other community and service sites by navigating within one social browser-like site, which includes a centralized set of social features. Users can also add their contacts from multiple networks to their MyLifeBrand friends list creating a single master friends list. Also, the platform rewards everyone for growing their friends list with reward points that are convertible to cash or gifts. Additionally, users can discover and join other branded communities and once joined, navigate between them from their remote control-like switch community tab. MyLifeBrand is in alpha mode but the company is going to move to beta this summer.