Murdoch Apologizes, Takes Responsibility for Hacking Scandal

Apr 26, 2012

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been in the hot-seat as of late, facing British Judicial inquiries -- along with his son -- about the phone hacking scandal that led to Murdoch shutting down The News of the World last year. Murdoch told the inquiry that "The buck stops with me." But then, according to Los Angeles Times, went on to blame his staff for not keeping him informed about the illegal news gathering activities. During day two of his testimony, Murdoch told the court, "I failed. And I'm very sorry about that. It's going to be a blot on my reputation for the rest of my life."

This official inquiry is taking place against a backdrop of three criminal investigations with dozens of journalists implicated.

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It's been a busy year for U.K. media. It started off with the pomp and ceremony of the Royal Wedding, moved to the embarrassing unravelling of News Corp. over a phone-hacking scandal, and ended with the devastating riots, which started in North London and then inspired copycat lawlessness in cities across the country for a few alarming days in August. When you look at it all written out like that, it's a wonder we survived at all!